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Free Coin Worth Estimate

Finally, there is a place on the Internet where you can get a free estimate on one of your coins. There is a form below which is easy to fill out and gives me the information I need to give a good estimate. So what do I get out of it? Well, do you see the the banners below? They will pay me if you visit them. Visit as many times as you want. Then tell me what color the background is on each page. This way I know you are helping me out and so I'll help you. Thanks.
NOTES: -1- US coins only (sorry) -2- You need Netscape or IE 4.0 or better to use the form. Otherwise e-mail all the requested info to and also, please tell me what browser you are using.


Coin Appraisal Form

Your Name: E-mail:
Site #1 background color: - not white, go to the page after that
Site #2 background color:
If you are wrong you will not receive a reply.

Coin Name: - If you do not know, guess.
Year on Coin: Mint Mark: - The little letter that tells you where it is from.
Condition of Coin: Tell me how worn it is
Comments (brief please):

Please press submit once. Thank You.

NOTE: One estimate per person. If you have a lot of coins that you need an estimate on please contact me and we can work out a deal (there will be some kind of charge).

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