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Wally Ferguson
I have extra rolls of Phil. mint 1999 quarters from the five states issued. I wish to trade them for Denver mint, like for like. I can be reached by e-mail or by phone 8 - 11 PM EST at 973-335-1641. Thank You.
Ortega Island Coin and Bank Note Company
Bank notes, numismatic books, coins, medals, medallions, paper money, and tokens in all price ranges. American Numismatic Association Member No. R-179011. Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.A.
The Bid Board
Coins for Sale! Get your bid in now on this great site by John Duran
Trades and sells french and dutch coins 16-20th Cent, collects french coins 1789-1815
One $20.00 gold coin U.S.A .. 1904, One $20.00 gold coin U.S.A .. 1933, One $10.00 gold coin U.S.A .. 1926
Uncirculated coins not sure about value, need Proffesionial evalution. All US coins dates vary. Dates: 1855 1856 1881 1882 1902 1912 1925. All excellent conditions FOR MORE INFO email at
Judi Burr
The Whittnauer Mint IwoJima(1945)eagle on back Roosevelts Four Freedom(1941)eagle on back Mans First Walk On Moon(1969)eagle on back Prelude to Victory(1944) VJ Day(1945) Dawn of the Jet Age(1959) Kennedy's Inauguration(1961) Rev. Martin Luther King(1929-1968) Salk Polio Vaccine(1954) Ernest Hemingway(1898-1961) Albert Einstein(1879-1955) All of these have an eagle on them and information about them. If you're interested send me an e-mail
Irv M. Furman
SELL: Entire lot, Five dollar gold pieces, most dated 1881 thru 1906. Two and one half (2 1/2) dollar gold pieces, most dated 1927.
Ted Messinger
One 1819 One Cent Liberty Coin Fair Condition & One 1864 Two Cent Coin One side in Fair the other alright. Need to sell immediately. Or at least find true value of coins.
Sharon Bourne
Like to sell mainly Australian Coins...
William Hirt
Selling of 64 proof franklin half dollars.
Harvey Prins
I am interested in ancient Greek silver coins. I would like to be a dealer of ancient silver coins, and wish to stay in the Greek denotation and not the roman. I am seeking a whole sale outlet(s) and am willing to learn how to clean the coins. I wish to find an honest reliable resource or twenty.
DJ McAdam (web site)
Discounted numismatic supplies and numismatic literature. Free Catalogue!
Jon Rosenthal
I am always looking for NGC or PCGS Standing liberty quarters in MS65 or better condition, full head when available.
Melton Culpepper
Coin Collector/Trader (Non-Pro); Gold Coins Preferred.
Robert Polsen
Franklin Halfs for sell.
Jim Russell
Just a collector. Please send offers.
Eugene Canham
Dealer/collector specializing in world Bi-metallics also attractive, inexpensive,packaged World Sets (mostly modern). Looking for certain world coin issues to complete sets please contact me if you have any unwanted or duplicate world coins. I may need them! Official Member-Dealer of Coin-Universe. Member: ANA,WPNA,WBCC,CoinMasters.
Stefan Robila (web site)
I am a World Coins and Banknotes collector. E-mail:
For sale - Two major collections from the Franklin Mint Collectors' Society. HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES in bronze and CENTENNIAL CAR MINI INGOT COLLECTION in Sterling. More! Please Email for details.
Alex Bond - Web Site
I am a collector interested in pre-1950 proofs and GOLD coins. E-mail me some offers or to ask for what I've got!
Gary Sowry - Web Page
Knowledgable collector selling off extra coins. Mostly U.S. with some Canadian & World. See web page or e-mail for details & prices.
Charles A. Anderson
Building A U.S. Coin Collection and interested in Joining local coin club(s). 211 Allen St. Upper, Jamestown, New York, 14701-6957
John Schlichting
Interested in US old gold and currency.
George Wood
I have a number of circulated silver US coins that I would like to see if anyone is interested in. E-mail me and I will put a list together. Remember, these are circulated coins but some are quite old.
John Rowswell
5-1914 US Dollar bills. Good condition. Given to me in Russia last week. Are they toilet paper or are they a collectible? Please advise. Thanks.
Carolina Gold & Silver, Inc. - Web Site
Selling PCGS certified US coins and Confederate currency. Our listing is available at our website and is updated regularly. Contact us by email or phone (803)736-0540.
I collect French, Spanish, Italian, Belgian, British. I also collect coins representing a sailing ship.
Ron Austin
I have some old wheat pennies and other coins that are getting scuffed, and just want someone that enjoys this kind of thing to give me something for them.
I'm a coin collector and looking on any information about a Spanish Gold Dobloon of 1703. Any information would be helpful.

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